You are Popnoname, we are Popnoname.
Cologne based Jens-Uwe Beyer aka Popnoname's sound is the most sophisticated translation of Cologne style music production with the highest artistic and melodic & pop feel.

Maybe growing up on an island in the Baltic sea called Fehmarn effected Popnoname's perception towards time and space, or maybe he really percieved the Cologne's musical, techno-pop heritage in a way that also helped him blend it with his talent and made him one of the brightest sound artists in the current music and arts scene.

With his second LP "Surrounded By Weather", Popnoname gives his musical solutions to Cologne's hardest pop-techno equations. Italic crew says that his sound is a 'flamboyant' experience. This is exactly true. Glam pop, minimal house and even krautrock is in sight. There is so much to say and hear within his music. His style is so unique and extraordinary that I believe there is no other artist then him in harmony with Italic.

He has also released from Firm or The Kompakt Pop Ambient series but I suppose Italic is his base for expressing and singing his unique way of contemporary house music. It is a real narrowing word to just name it house. Popnoname's music is something non-tagable. That's why I believe he has chosen a very appropiate name for his stage alter ego: Popnoname. Here is what Jens-Uwe Bayer has to say about his album and further.

Can you talk about the production process of the album, and how long did it take you to conclude? I heard that you started working on it just after the release of the "White Album".
I wrote the songs in 6 months, then I started to mix and arrange it in a big studio here in Cologne, that took 3 months. It was one flow, no thinking - only making.

It is an ideal long player, doing crossover side of music without any borders. Is it your musical motto? Being free? What about in life?
"Beeing free" is a motto, I can sign. That`s the truth - also in real life. I`m really grateful to have the chance to live it out.

What were your inspirations while you were working on the album and finding a name for it? Why the name "Surrounded By Weather"?
"Surrounded by Weather" is inspired by touring around the world. It`s such a beautiful world, and I`m a person who feels close to the meteorological elements. I grew up on a small island in the Baltic Sea, close to the ocean, the wind... the weather is very important for me.

Does that pyramid, which also headlining in the first remix EP, stand as a graphical element or rather trying to emphasize something?
The artwork is made by John Harten, a Cologne based artist and designer. The pyramid attends me for a long time, in my music videos, my drawings an lyrics. It`s a big symbol for me, but it was John's idea and work to create the cover out of it.

How is it, living in Cologne rather than Berlin or another city? You can be named as one of the third generation producers residing in Cologne. Most of the people live in Berlin but you still prefer being where you are. Is it also related with your approach to your music and so on...
Berlin is lovely. I always have great time, when I`m there, but the air in Cologne is very special, I told you, I`m a weatherman. I´m in love with the people here. They are very hearty. I like the music and the art scene. No reason for leaving...

Avant/Glam Pop, a little bit of Kraut rock and moreover electronics are some of the elements existing inside your melodies and harmonies. How would you explain your sound to someone else never heard of you before?
It`s funny to see, what people are listening in my music. I always say, that I`m doing techno-music, but I know, that it`s not really right. The music speaks for itself. People have to listen, or come to a concert!

What other projects are you working on, what are your plans for the near future?
I`m doing a lot of music, also with other artists like The Field, Ada, Philipp Janzen (Von Spar) and Jörg Burger. We have some plans for the future. We`ll see, what will happen. Another project is doing commercials for brands like Coca Cola or McDonalds, together with the artist couple GRAWBÖCKLER, tho the brands did not ask us to do that. It`s called "commercials unauthorized" - every week, we release a new spot on and The next videos are:
schneider - 18.11.08
bmw / mercedes - 25.11.08
mcdonalds - 02.12.08
nordsee - 09.12.08
new balance - 16.12.08
marlboro - 23.12.08
gorbatschow I - 30.12.08
gorbatschow II - 06.01.09
volvic - 13.01.09
disco - 20.01.09
duracell - 27.01.09
adidas - 03.02.09
ford - 10.02.09
shell - 17.02.09
o.b. - 24.02.09
whiskas - 03.03.09
chanel - 10.03.09
canon - 17.03.09
chevrolet - 24.03.09
joop - 31.03.09
caras - 07.04.09
budget - 14.04.09
heinz - 21.04.09

What do you remember from your last visit to Turkey and Istanbul, Would you like to come here again?
I only was in istanbul. Through my eyes it`s a multicultural city. I met a lot of open minded people and I had a gig in Babylon club. A beautiful location. I definitely have plans to come back. Next time I also want to meet my friends from Doublemoon Records. Last days I made a remix for them.

What other labels and artists are you enjoying these days?
2 labels: IRR and Cómeme. Rough disco music with attitude. I also like the music from bands like The Battles or Fujiya & Miyagi.

What are you doing other than producing and performing? other? If you were not a musician what would you do for a living? other life?
I never asked me that. That`s no question for me.

What other things (arts, hobbies, bla bla) excite you?
I made my hobby to my work, that`s why I don`t really have a hobby. But that`s not only music, It`s art. My life is art, that`s why I never make holidays.

Faust performed here recently. What do you think about the ancestors of kraut and electronic music which are mostly from your district or area?
Faust is great - they played live? they are living? wow! I definitely want to see them live. It must be great. I`m a big fan. I also like bands like Cluster, Can, La Düsseldorf and even Klaus Schulze, but I thought, they made music 20 years ago...! But why not? who knows, what I will do in 20 years?

Can you tell us three of your non-electronic favorite albums?
I don't distinguish music as electronic or not electronic. Popol's "Vuh Affenstunde", My Bloody Valentine's "Ecstasy And Wine" and Terry Riley's "In C".

Are you happy with your new LP?
It`s the best, i ever made before!

Would you like to add or tell something for your Turkish fans?
Yes! We are Popnoname!

Thank you!

Interview: Christopher Çolak
02 February 2009


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