Two Decades of Hardfloor
One of Germany’s best techno outlets, Hardfloor has been doing electronic music for 20 years now.


“Two Decades of Hardfloor” album is a milestone in Germany’s techno and acid history because Hardfloor duo are really one of the most important figures in not only Germany’s but also European dance music history.
The have been releasing music since the late early 90’s as Hardfloor and they are now a trademark for what we once called ‘the acid sound’. Ramon Zenker & Oliver Bondzio answered my questions about Hardfloor’s two decades.

How did the T.D.O.H. album go, so far? Are you happy with it?
We´ve sold 250.000 copies so far. That means ‘Gold Status’. Just kidding, we´re happy so far. 

Why did you wait so long to release such an album?
We think the timing to release a 20th anniversary album is perfect after 20 years!

Do you still love acid? What do you think about the current techno scene & sounds?
We still love acid and for us it’s always a challenge to create something interesting for ourselves while almost nobody else is doing it on longplayer format. We don’t think about the scene, we’ve just realized that acid is almost not happening on today’s parties and festivals.

You also released an album called, 'Two Guys, Three Boxes' at the same time. Were you working in both projects at the same time? How long did it take you to finish it?
“Two Guys Three Boxes” was released in 2010. After that we’ve compiled “20 Two Decades of Hardfloor”.

You also collaborated with E.R.P. on some tracks. How did that happen?
We’re fanst for years. Since he remixed two tracks from our 2007 album “The Life We Choose” we decided to work together again. But this time as a real collaboration.

Electro also seems to be as important as acid for you right? What else? What do you listen and from which channels do you feed yourself?
Oliver: All music is important to me but I mostly listen to hip-hop, funk, soul & jazz besides all electronic genres.

What labels and producers do you like these days, could you please tell us your current picks and favorites from you case?
Oliver: I’m only following vinyl releases. Most interesting are done by newcomers on new labels. Since most vinyl pressings are around 500 copies or even less, really interesting and a lot of new stuff is coming every week.

What is the unforgettable club moment you had during those two decades?
1994 first time in Japan. We were sold out  at the Liquid Room in Tokyo. Two nights in a row, goosebumbs from screaming audience when entering the stage!

What are the forthcoming projects and releases?
More 12”s currently in the pipe line:
HF015: "Eternal Tweak" / "T.D.O.H."
HF016: Acper’ence 1  - Robert Babicz Remix
HF017: "Skill Shot" Remixes

What do you know about istanbul and Turkey? Would you like to play here?
We would love to play there! Since it’s one of the countries we have’nt performed so far.

Interview: Christopher Çolak
28 January 2012



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Two Decades of Hardfloor
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