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Do you really think that Iceland is all about melancholy, coldness and dark melodies? No it is not at all! FM Belfast is here to shift all your past thoughts about this little and cold country and people living there.
These three people started everything as a hobby and the band thing progressed into a fulltime job. Some say that they're Iceland's best kept secret and that!s true! And they are no more a secret because they released their debut from Kimi / Morr Records sometime ago and I am really happy that Loa found some time to answer my questions.

You should really listen to their soft, pop based electronic melodies and vocals. FM Belfast is one of the most beautiful upcoming bands in the scene and their music will really catch you right form the heart. I have not seen that intimnate and sincere melodies since ages!

As the band, your attitude looks so intimate. And listening to your music is like attending to a friend's party at a little bar you usually go. So warm and friendly!  How did you manage to obtain this naturalness and warmth? 

Thank you for saying that. We have been friends for a long time. Maybe that is the vibe you get from us. And I think we are rather friendly people, at least I hope so.

You are from a very cold country but you are not as 'cool' or cold  as the other old bands from your soil. You are rather sociable and willing to give a secret in each song of yours, did you really? 

Cool, haha, I don´t think we are very good at being cool. Whenever I´ve tried to be cool something bad happens, a bird shits on my head or something like that.
Did we give secrets? I´m not sure. I can´t really keep secrets because I have a trouble knowing what is a secret and what is not.

You once defined your music as 'dance music with occasional drama'. Critics call it as electro-indie-synth pop from Iceland. Do you really care on genres or forms while writing music?

Nope, we don´t think about that. I think it would be weird for me to decide a genre before I do something. I guess we do electro indie synth pop because that´s what it ends up being when we do it

I am curious about your name. Why FM and why Belfast?
The name has no logical explanation. It´s something we came up with one day. It was for another project that was very different from what we are doing now. Much darker and cooler, so naturally we were really bad at it. But we liked the name and kept it.

What about covering some old tracks how did it occur firstly?

The first time we covered an old track was when Árni R. was making a song for himself in his living room. It was before we made the band. I was making fun of him and singing an old song over his new song. Then we thought it was fun and recorded it together. Then our friend suggested we would make more, which we did.

What other electronic music do listen and enjoy?
We like Gary Numan, Ellen Alien, Kraftwerk, Laurent Garnier, Knife and Fever Ray, Gus Gus, Sykur and Nolo. All sorts of stuff.

I also know that this FM Belfast project started with a little Christmas present and now you just played at Super Mon Amour Festival. How was it? How do you feel about your debut and current position?
It was very suprising for us that people wanted to come to our shows and then other people wanted us to come to their country to play our music. It makes us very happy. Now we have been able to do more of that than when we first started. There is a girl called Kim Booth that is working with us and helping us promoting our stuff. She is doing an amazing job.

Super Mon Amour Festival was wonderful. I love the people at SUPER!, they are great.  We try not to think to far ahead with what we are doing. We are thankful for what we have and that we have people coming to see our show and buying our album.

What other projects do you do in your personal lives? It can be anything, different from music or even arts?

Árni R. is also making solo stuff under the names: Hungry and the Burger and Pluseinn, Árni V. writes comedy, Örvar writes books and comedy and draws and has his own band Múm. Lóa illustrates children books and makes art.

Which other bands do you enjoy and maybe you should say the bands you really admire and got inspiration from? 

We like all sorts of bands. Pavement, Flaming Lips, Sin Fang Bous, Retro Stefson, Skakkamanage. We admire people that follow their dreams and do what they want to do.

Have you ever been to istanbul and what do you know about here, would you like to come and play?

Nope, maybe Örvar because he´s been everywhere. I´m going to ask him later. I would love to come and play for you.

If you have time while touring, what things you really try to catch up from the places you have been?
I like googling places and reading about them. We also have a really nice manager that tells us a little bit about the places we are going to. When I have time I like walking around. Mostly go to outdoor markets and toy shops. Sometimes we can see other bands play.

Do you miss home? Or playing in your place to your friends or are you okay with all this?
I sometimes miss home but I realized a while ago that if you have something you miss, like a place or a person, you are a very lucky person.

How long did it take to finish your debut and from whom did you get help in both production and conception?

It took us more than 2 years. When we made the first songs we weren´t thinking about making an album. We didn´t get outside help in the production but our friend helped us make the art work and packaging. 
He is half turkish and half icelandic.

You released the album both from Kimi and Morr Music how is the story about this?
Kimi and Morr have a release-distribution relationship, Morr distributes for Kimi. Kimi is our Icelandic distributor and through them Morr distributed for us. We actually self released the album.

Do you have a special song, with a special story to tell?

'Synthia' is a special song. We made it on my birthday. It´s a lovestory about a synthesizer that we know and it´s owner has forgotten all about it. It is just gathering dust in a basement. Sad story.

Are you planning or thinking about the future right now?
Well, we get help with that. Me personally, I try not to do that at all. Maybe a few months, practical things but if I think about the future too much I don´t enjoy what I´m doing now. I also have a tendency to be pessimistic. So I just try to be positive and think about what I´m doing right now.

What will you tell us lastly, to your Turkish fans?
Thank you for talking to us, I´m sorry for replying so late. Maybe we´ll see you in Turkey. I hope so.

Interview: Christopher Çolak
12 April 2010


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