Maayan Nidam

10 shots from Maayan Nidam
I caught Maayan Nidam just before her Vodka shots and asked her real questions before her twin gigs in İstanbul.

Maayan Nidam or formerly and still known as Miss Fitz is one of the worlds most talented and unique female producers. Unsurprisingly residing in Berlin and producing the most delicious and filtered minimal house & techo music around, she is also the real gem taster where she everytime blends them in her different sets.
We were lucky to have her for nearly a week in İstanbul for her two gigs where she will also be bringing all her secret gems with her and will led us dance and think about good music once more.

I was also very lucky to ask her the questions in my mind since I had her debut promo and now I am very pleased that I will be listening to her nice set in 11:11 this thursay night.

This was also one of the most interesting interviews I ever did in my editorial history. We were both in the same city and this digital age led us to do this via mail and while I am writing this paragraph, she is probably drinking her 11th shot and playing her 13th best kept secret first time in İstanbul at the Vesvese party in Otto.
Here you go with my Maayan Nidam interview before we chat and dance together at 11:11 this thursday. Maybe we add up here later on!

You will come to play in istanbul very soon so, firstly I would like to ask about your knowledge about the city and scene here? What are your expectations?
In recent years Istanbul has a growing image as a cultural on the verge of trendy center. I'm pretty sure the Old still holds the ground well so I plan to visit tea gardens & Turkish baths but I'm also really looking forward to check out the new music scene everyone's talking about and maybe check some contemporary galleries. Just in case I'm bringing 2 batteries for my camera.

What kind of a set should we expect from you?

As you probably already know I'm pretty diverse in my sets. At times I play straight up techno & House tools, but recently (and more so since the RA podcast) I get booked for parties that offer a variety of styles. The Vesvese party is like the later one so I guess the emphasis would be more on cool cool songs & sweet harmony. From my experience these kind of parties end up having a very laid back vibe and a lot of sexiness in the air. Maybe it's the slow tempo or maybe it's the the soulfulness, I don't know. whatever it is, it's working out nicely.

What about you being performing under your real name after a long time reputation as Miss Fitz? I am curious why did you change your stage name?
Every DJ had kind of a 'teen-name' which is always something kinda silly that fit the rebellious edge but after a few years became a secret you don't want to be mentioned in an interview. MF is my 'teen-name' and as much as I'm a big fan of goofiness, I think it's done & doesn't really represent me anymore.

You currently reside in Berlin but you are originally from Tel Aviv right? I think that you are currently one of the best female producers around with a really enhanced and supreme sound. How was your musical path and how did you and are you improving yourself during this lifelong journey?
I grew up in a music loving home. The radio was always on, my dad had this amazing sound system from the 70's and an elegant collection of Rock records and my older sisters would bring home from school cassettes with 'new underground shit'. We all played guitar & piano and since it was such a natural thing I never considered myself a musician, this was just something I was doing. When I was younger it meant the world to me, I had no doubt there's no life without sound. But now, after giving the dream opportunity to express myself through music and travel the world, sharing my records with loads of people I never met before, I feel like the understanding of what a certain groove can create in a certain space is important but things don't begin & end in the club so there's a need for a deeper understanding of what's going on. This is why I put my time in learning about the world, our planet, people & philosophy as well as exploring new music & all sorts of self expressions you can find on the street or online.

And with your forthcoming EP from Freak' n Chic called 'A Turnaround'  you are really improving your sound scape further. Could you please talk a little bit about the creation process of the tracks in the EP, especially for my favorite in the EP, 'The Road To Recovery'?
The past year or two I've been experimenting in the studio non stop trying to figure out things more than actually making music so the tracks have a lot of recordings I made (vocals, percussion, bass) as well as my all time favorite sampling. I try not to use too many elements but instead duplicate them and pass them through loopers, filters and other effects. For this I use quirky guitar pedals or classic echo effects. The road to recovery is as it sounds, a track that was written at least 5 times in different versions and eventually stripped down of a bunch of elements to became a more solid techno tool.

What inspires you on the writing process?
Guys. Most times when I go to the studio it's like going to the psychologist, and as romantic as I am, we talk about love till the hour is done. Other than that I guess everything inspires me. People I meet, tracks I hear in a party, an awesome pair of shoes... But I will absorb it, let it sink in & come out when the time is right.

What equipments, hardware and software do you use while producing?
Like I mentioned before there's a variety of instruments & machines. The only thing that unifies them (aside for an old synth I got 10 years ago) is the compact size. The percussion I collect as I travel around from markets & street bazars so they fit my backpack if not my pocket. Most my synths were made for bass lines & easy to use (& carry) to live shows. As for the effects, the weirder the better!

What other labels and producers do you like these days?
It's been edit-galore year so labels like Jisco & Super Value come to mind as well as everything Rush-Hour has something to do with. That mentioned, Tevo & Rick Howard & Nebraska are ones to take up room on my record shelves. I'm also following Uzuri & artists like Lerosa, Four Tet & Anton Zap on the deep side & Ben Klock on the techno side. On the listening-music side there's The Bad Plus, Fink, Tindersticks, The XX & OK Go.

Did you started working for your second LP after your debut, what other plans and releases do you have forthcomingly?
I would love to make another LP, it's been on my mind since I finished the first one. However, I like taking my time & not rush into a premature album so till then, no news. I just had 2 EPs out at the end of 2009, one as Laverne on Raum..Musik & one under my name on Perlon. This week the aforementioned EP on Freak n Chic will come out & in the spring Wolf+Lamb will release a 4 track carrier called 'Greatest Tits'.

Where is your best clubbing spot both personally clubbing and performing?
For both clubbing & spinning I don't have a real favorite. Good parties happen in fancy clubs as they do in shit holes. Some times it just clicks and no matter what you would do it's gonna be fun & full of good vibes.

What ingredient in electronic music is the most indispensable for you?
Bass. That's what it's about no? I think the groove lives in the bass.

Can you tell us a secret of yours?
Of course! Right after you get me 10 shots of Vodka.

Interview: Christopher Çolak
23 February 2009


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