Marcin Czubala

Marcin Czubala's Chronicles
Poland has always seem to be like an undiscovered forest or territory of talents and new tastes of music, especially when, electronic music is in question. Most of the names we hear were Marcin Czubala and Jacek Sienkiewicz and nowadays some SLG included. These guys have a very good reputation on their music, which is in each case, a well defined and crafted sound.

Most people do not know that Marcin Czubala is infact from Poland. He is known to be a Berliner for a while and also a father, and when he finds spare time, he releases tracks from his labels, as well as others. In fact the reason he is known as a Berlin native is that he has released three of his former EPs from Anja Schneider's Mobilee Records, which currently is one of the few pathfinders in the Berlin minimal scene. They really have an exciting rooster and it is being extended every day.

Marcin Czubala continues to be one of the most mystical and sophisticated talents in their discography. His will for music, sound and further, always leads him to a special place in terms of production. His style is quite unique, and well defined.
Supported by his strong musical influences and classical training, Marcin Czubala creates soundscapes and musical experiments, rather than a straight forward minimal techno track. The field recordings in the "Alibi Room" or the simplicity in the track "At The Beach In San Foca" just strengthens his musical perfection. Before you dig the new Mobilee Records taster "Chronicles Of Never", . lend an ear to Marcin Czubala... 

I guess you don't like deadlines do you?

Actually I would say they are necessary. They give me control over many things. Otherwise I wouldn't finish anything, including my album.

You finished your album freely and without any pressure or boredom? But why you have waited 7 years for a new LP?
Yeah definitelly I had no pressure. You know, album is always something special. I was looking for my sound to be able to focus on such thing as album. In the end of 2006 I joined Mobilee, made 3 singles in a year and I decided that I am able to produce an album. I had vision, I knew what sound I want to achieve. It was just the right time to made it.

Album has free spaces and experimentality as we see in your productions. You love trying new things and improvisation. Is it because of your classical music background?
Specially experimental classic music is so weird that it inspires you a bit. Anyway I am trying new things because I strongly believe that music should go forward and each time bring some new ideas, new sounds. It doesn't make sense to make a good copy of something that was already done. We should go forward.

Classical or Jazz trained musicians, electronic music producers are much more successfull and creative than lots of others. Do you agree with that and do you have a thought or theory for that? For example the track "Alibi Room" which is also my personal favourite in the LP is a very good example of what i am trying to say...That brass solo and field recordings...
I would answer more general. I think more music you know, better producer you are. If you know only electronic music it limits you as hell. Having knowledge about other styles help you be creative. It's like knowing 1 book or 50 books, you know.

How you started producing electronic music and then how was the "Currently Processing" project formed?
It was in 1998. We had no label in Poland and I really wanted to release my music. After hard time to find a distributer, I manage to get deal with Integrale from UK. It was different time – no digital releases – only vinyl.

How was the techno and electronic music scene way back then and now in Poland? Can you talk about it a little bit. Also are you in touch with the other people in the scene like Jacek Sienkiewicz, SLG or Margaret Dygas...
It was difficult because we had no clubs, no labels..... nothing. I was building everything without any help from outside. Now it's easier. Young DJs and producers can focus on what we have done. Now the scene is much more established, although it's still very small. Yes I know Jacek and Lukas (SLG) very well. Margaret as far as I know was only born in Poland, she is not living here. Same as Magda from Minus.

Your choice of releasing platform has been Mobilee for the recent years, why is that?
I think it's a very good home for my sound. I really like all the people from Mobilee, specially Anja. We are a family. I think I can say.

What other labels and producers/DJs do you like or appreciate?

I am really sorry to dissappoint, but there is too much of them. When you look at my DJ chart, you can see what I like and what I play. I wouldn't like to forget about somebody, so better I answer this way.

What do you think about the current electronic music scene?
Compared to what it was 10 years ago, the music today is much more seasonal. Decade ago techno was techno and house was house. Now when you look at any shop sales first 10-20 records in techno category are basically house records.

What about all that nudisco and deep thing going on?
Yeah that's what I say. It's so weird that DJs switch so fast from one style to other these days. Deep house was here since many many years. Just someone made it more trendy this year. Probably in 1-2 years we will have another thing on top.

Are you still dealing with classical music and what other things are you doing other than producing elecronic music or Djing?
Not really, today I focus only on electronic music.

What are your future career plans?
Right now I focus mainly on the album. I just started my tour and let see what will futur bring.

Can we learn your most favorite non-electronic bands or groups which also inpired you a lot during your progression (It can be from Pink Floyd to Krzysztof Penderecki... )

At the moment I am really in to old Polish Jazz from 60s and 70s. If you want to check it, I think something that should be easy to find are Krzysztof Komeda and also band Novi Singers.

What about your knowledge about Turkey and İstanbul, would you like to play here?
Of course I would love to play in Turkey, I've never been there. I heard it's a really great country. You have also amazing producers like Onur Özer.

Anything you would like to add or say for your Turkish fans?
I hope you enjoy my album and we can meet soon in Turkey!

Interview: Christopher Çolak
22 October 2008


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