Peel Seamus

Delsin is the new Detroit
Marsel Van Der Wielen or better known as 'Peel Seamus' is one of the most important figures in the contemporary techno music industry & scene.

He is the owner of the most important techno label, Delsin. Since 1996, Delsin is releasing music! A soulful, real and intimate attitude of contemporary techno better known as the Detroit. And yes, Delsin is the new Detroit.

As a hub for the dance music industry, Amsterdam and other Dutch capitals e.g. Rotterdam or Den Haag keep up the true soul and perspective of futuristic, timeless techno music. You can find Norken, Future Beat Alliance, Dynarec, Optic Nerve, $tinkworx, Aardvarck or Newworldaquarium within the Delsin catalogue.
With Redshape's debut album and the represses of the classic techno anthems by Aroy Dee and D5, Delsin again becomes the legendary point of musical seduction for the real techno lovers, vinyl collectors and dance music fans. Here we go with Delsin's captain Marsel talking about 'this and that' and the futurist Delsin mat.
Happy birthday Mr. Delsin and go on releasing 'music'!

When exactly did you decide to come up with a label, what was the concept back then and how has it evolved till now? And are you happy with it so far?
It started way back in 1996/1997 with releasing my own music as no one else seemed up for it. I'm very happy how it envolved, there's never been a real plan. It's living on it's own.

Do you think that if you were not living in Amsterdam (for example in a far smaller city) this would not be as much possible or easy as now?
No I think it all would have been pretty the same. As long as I got an Internet connection, we can run this company!

How do you think the label's progression and approach is being perceived now? A regular techno label or a label that pushes the sound further and determines the scene's flux? Are you satisfied?
No real clue how it 's perceived, but I'm very satisfied with it. Each release seems to receive a lot of good response, and with over ten years going, people seem to appreciate the continuity of so-called quality electronic music. A safe haven.

Do you have or ever had any ambitions such as being the 'most forefront' or 'hype' label of now?
No, not really. And I can't think you never can do that on purpose. Just do what you feel you need to do. I think it's as simple as that. For both artists as labels. People ain't stupid, and easily recognize fake and bull shit things.

What are your opinions on the music market and general CD, vinyl sales besides the digital? Have you taken any precautions or decisions?
It more and more has become a consumer driven market. People buy a track within one second, and easily can delete it also within one second after. Luckily there's still a big market for vinyl also. Not for quality reasons, but I think a vinyl record, and best with a beautiful cover has much more charm, much more value. Altough I don't believe in vinyl-only labels. Especially for overseas people in the USA or South America, sometimes it seems to expensive to purchase vinyl, and they prefer the digital formats.

Which releases and producers do you think that has helped Delsin's fame reach to a wider audience?
Several releases seemed to have had their own purpose. CiM's Service Pack EP in 1999 brought Delsin to the electronic people, Newworldaquarium's first two EPs brought us into the house section, and in that way a lot of records brought us everywhere, where we wanted to be.

Do you have a personal favorite in the discography and if yes, why?
I have several favourites. If I got to name some, it will be the 'Going Thru Life', 'Planet Delsin' and the 'Delsin 2.0' compilations as they all bring in a bigger picture, and still have a strong identity on their own.

Are there any specific releases from other labels and producers that you said -'I should have released it from Delsin!'?
A lot beautiful music from the early nineties I think.

How will be the route of the label in the forthcoming months and years?
Years is too long ahead. But for 2010 and beyond I hope to release more individual artist albums. The new Delsin will be a bit more like the old Delsin. More diversity in styles.

What do you hate about the music industry?
There are a lot of idiots around, but that's everywhere I'm afraid. People which are faking and lying, and talking bullshit.

How would you describe your label to a non electronic musician?
That always can be pretty difficult. Better let them hear some.

Are you in touch with nujazz, hip hop or any other genre?
I like several styles of music. If you take a look at the whole Delsin back catalogue you'll hear a lot of genres covered also.

Have you ever thought of releasing some other, different music from an offshot or sub label of Delsin?
Always did, although most is electronic. But as long as I think it's good, and think other people might like it as well, it sounds like a good reason to release.

How a release is being decided in Delsin?
If I like it, if I feel it. Mostly I can judge it by production, creativity/feeling and originality.

What about the mastering principles in Delsin? Is there a fundamental template or specific formula for each release?
No strict ways, as long as it sounds great! I work with several engineers. Sometimes it pre-mastered by Redshape, sometimes it mastered at Dubplates & Mastering, sometimes we use a great engineer in Belgium. It all depends on the quality and sound of the original music.

How and where does a Delsin record sound best? (In a club, in a stereo or a personal player...)
Hopefully everywhere, but I think it always lend a bit more on the listening side.

Which other labels do you like most these days?
Luckily still a lot like Ostgut Ton, Nod Navigators, Innervisions, Hyperdub, Sending Orbs, Objektivity, Deeply Rooted House, and so on..

What will you say about the future of techno music?
No idea. For me it's not really about techno, it's all about creativity. No boundaries.

What do you know about Turkey and İstanbul?
Never been there, but Istanbul is on my list for several years to finally visit. I hear great stories about it.

What about a Delsin night in İstanbul?
Sure, sounds lovely.

Interview: Christopher Çolak
06 September 2009


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