Chloé - Live At Robert Johson Vol.1

Chloé - Live At Robert Johnson Vol.1
A very special series of mixes that praise Frankfurter bestes club: Robert Johnson.

Being at Robert Johnson is a priviledge. If you are in, listening top notch music is guaranteed. Every weekend the best DJ's all around the world spins here. Throughout the history, lots of genres, classical albums, EPs and producers played there for the first time. Most of them have very special moments that they will never forget.

Robert Johnson is one of the best and tremendous night clubs of the German electronic music history, and the label crowns itself with a 4 part mix package which will be gathered in a limited gatefold booklet. The other three wıll be from Prins Thomas, Ivan Smagghe and Liquid. The first mixtape of the series comes from Chloé, A la DJ extraordinaire. She is one of the best female techno DJ's in the world who also has a big reputation on combining dark techno tracks with sticky electro rhythms with the help her full throttle French powder.

She is also a considerable resident at Robert Johnson who did the best and most crowded parties with utmost fun and joy. So the Playhouse team chose her to mix up her skills to the fullest. From Gudrun Gut to Koze, or from Larry Heard to Joakim. What you will experience is an eclectic and uplifting epic journery to the heart of electronic music. This is something special, you are chosen to testify the unreal tastes of Robert Jonson Club. Here you go. Non-stop! Never gonna stop!

1 - Gudrun Gut - Rock bottom riser / Monika enterprise
2 – DJ Koze- Mariposa / Kompakt
3 - Kalabrese- Makelovedisco / Phictiv records
4 - SIS - Orgsa / Cecille records
5 - Shinedoe -Phunk (Steve Angello re-edit) / Size records
6 - Partial Arts- Cruising / Dialect recordings
7 - Samim & Michal- Circles / Kindisch rec.
8 - Vincenzo- The Phantom Image / Pokerflat
9 - Daso & Pawas - Ice / Flash rec.
10 - Heiko Mso feat. Malte - Reach / klang electronik
11 - Plein Soleil – Casus Belli/ Live at Robert Johnson
12 - Larry heard- Spinal Tap / Alleviated Records
13 - Trulz & Robin feat. Baseman - turn my head / Planet noise
14 - Homebase - Centrino / Waskids
15 - Music is the wine (Joakim remix) / Lucky number music

Christopher Çolak


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